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PIA Paltech Palletizer

The cost effective and compact palletizer for your business! 

InterBridge is proud to be the exclusive distributor for North America!  


Did you think those palletizer machines you see at trade shows are too expensive for your business?

Now, you have the right solution for your small and medium size business!

The PIA Paltech Palletizer is a cost saving solution that was designed to fulfill your companies palletizing needs reliably. No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a cutting edge palletizer. 


Our Palletizer consists of a rotary column robot with a gripper that can palletize open crates, pails,  kegs, bags as well as boxes on either the ground or on roller conveyors.


With a footprint of only 2,8 x 2,8 x 2,8 m, the Paltech is extremely compact in size and is capable of being installed in a very confined and limited space.


The Paltech is a 4-axis robot that uses servo motors, which results in high precision product positioning and palletizing.


The robot can be fitted with various gripping tools, therefore it can palletize your products in a multitude of different pallet paterns and layers.


Our easy to use management software enables operators to quickly change the pallet pattern or work program on the fly, without any changeover.


Complete Paltech Palletizing System:


  • 4-Axis Paltech Robot

  • Automatic Pallet Dispenser

  • Automatic Slipsheet Dispenser

  • Automatic Conveying Network


Paltech Brochure and data sheet - click the image above!

Paltech Palletizer in action!

Check out the videos!

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