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Your partner in the USA for high quality, efficient, and reliable motors for almost any industry!

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Your partner in drive technology


We have a wide range of electric motors in stock and ready to deliver. We have motors (3-phase, 1-phase, ATEX, brake, pole-switching, etc.) with UL/CSA, CCC or CE certificate in stock with very fast delivery time. Special options include increased protection class, special voltage / frequency, encapsulated terminal box, etc.. When you need the best European specification motors at the very best prices, contact InterBridge Power Transmissions and we will get the motor you need quickly. If you need a better value for your IEC motors from SEW Eurodrive, LAFERT, NORD, Siemens, Dertec, and other, just send in a picture plate of the current motor and we will  send you a quote usually in 24 hours or less!


  • Increased protection class

  • Increased insulation class

  • Increased efficiency

  • Optional shaft diameters

  • Special voltage / frequency

  • DC-motors

  • Explosion proof motors ATEX

  • Brake motors

  • Pole changing motors

  • 1-phase AC-motors

  • Encapsulated terminal box

  • Bimetal temperature switch

  • P.T.C. thermistor

  • Rain cover (mounting position V1 / V5)

Just send us a picture of your serial plate and we will get the right motor for you quickly!

 WHY CHOOSE our BEGE Motors ?

  1. The perfect interchange for your application, especially if you require European specifications

  2. Better value vs most other brands in the USA market

  3. Efficient and quiet

  4. Exceptional Quality

  5. Most UL/CSA compliant motors are in stock and ready for delivery!

 Click on the images below to learn more about all our products and access catalogs!

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Ideal for Food and Beverage Industry!

BEGE Electric Motor

Voltage  230 / 400V - 50Hz

               400 / 690V - 50Hz

Protection class  IP55

Insulation class  F

EfficiencyPremium efficiency IE3 (≥ 0,75 kW – 2 / 4 / 6 pole)

BEGE Stainles Steel AC Motors

Power  0.18 - 1.5 kW (2-4-6 of 8-poles)

Voltage  230 / 400V - 50Hz

               265 / 460V - 60Hz

Shaft diameter  11 - 24 mm

IEC size  63 - 90

Material   AISI 316 (1.4404)

Protection class  IP69K

Insulation class   H

Efficiency  IE3 (≥ 0.75 kW – 2 / 4 / 6 poles)