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Official North American Distributor for BEGE & STROTER Power Transmission Products
Experts in European IEC Metric Power Transmission products for North America
MIG NOVA Magnetic Encoder
MIG NOVA + Encoders

The MIG NOVA+ is an incremental or absolute magnetic flange encoder with extremely high signal quality and high-quality processing. The MIG pulse generator is compatible with virtually all types of controls and is the perfect solution for optimizing existing drives.


If you need a replacement for your STROTER or BEGE MIG NOVA encoder, call us today!

High Quality & Dependable  European Metric Gearmotors

As an unique Dutch manufacturer of high quality mechanical drives, BEGE Power Transmission provides a wide range of power transmission products, including STROTER Gearboxes. 


Our high quality European gear motors have established themselves globally as reliable and cost effective solution for almost any application.

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In stock in North America and Europe. If you need an IEC metric motor quickly, we are your partner in the North America for high quality, efficient, and reliable metric motors for almost any industry!
We can find interchanges for IEC metric motors from all European brands for the Food & Beverage Industry, Dairy factories, Pharmaceutical Industry, Fishing Industry and more!

Introducing our BEGE MIG NEMA Series - NEMA Encoders for North America  


Key features:

  • Robust and shock-resistant vulcanized plastic magnet

  • Fits all NEMA standard electric motors

  • Very stable non-contact signal measurement

  • Completely protected against dirt, liquid and corrosion

  • Adds a maximum of 15mm to the overall lengt

  • The intermediate flange encoder does not need an extended fan cover

Optimize the production process and avoid redesigning your machine with the integration of the BEGE MIG NEMA; the patented NEMA flange encoder for ultra-precise positioning for North American machine builders. The MIG encoder makes highly accurate positioning tasks easy to perform and is compatible with almost all controls (HTL and TTL).

This compact, dustproof and fully shock and water resistant flange encoder is specially designed for applications in hygienic or corrosive environments such as food production and the marine industry. The combination of all features makes the MIG NEMA encoder the right solution for when precision counts.

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