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Atek V Series – Bevel Gear Units

Compact and shockproof, bevel gear units are very precise and efficient torque converters. The powerful ATEK gearboxes are compact, shock-proof and meet today's high demands in every respect.

This strong combination of properties is the reason why they are used worldwide in machine and plant construction

Call or email us today for quick service in North America.

We have a large stock of these units available, including V 065, V 090, V120, V 140, V 160, V 200,  and V 230.

Please send a picture of the serial plate to and we will get it quoted asap!

V Serie – Bevel Gear Units main features:

  • Highly precise and powerful lightweight gear unit to cope with today's high requirements

  • Maintenance-free due to high quality spiral teeth made of hardened carbonized steel

  • Very favorable engagement factors (high meshing ratio) for usage with high loads

  • Robust, powerful and compact design

  • An efficiency of 97% can be achieved

  • Low-backlash design possible with less than 8 angular minutes possible

ATEK V Series.jpg

Technical specifications
Ratio    1:1 - 6:1
Nominal torque (Nm)    10 - 4.640
Max. torque (Nm)    25 - 5.400
Protection class    IP54
Circumferential backlash (arcmin)    < 30 (< 6 possible)
Material    Cast iron
Lubrication    See catalogue
Lifetime (L10h)    > 15.000
Certificates    CE

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